Istanbul Airport Guide

Useful Information and Tips about the New Airport in Istanbul

General Airport Information

Istanbul New Airport, the proud project of Turkey, has opened its doors on 29 October 2018 and is expected to be thoroughly completed by 2028. By that time, when all the 4 phases of the airport’s construction will draw to an end, Istanbul new landing field will welcome more than 200 million passengers annually becoming the biggest airport in the world while six runaways will serve up to 500 aircrafts! What’s more, the new, modern, luxurious and commodious airfield has the largest duty-free center worldwide as well as an impressive and distinguishing control tower inspired by tulips. All in all, Istanbul Airport is already a major aviation hub connecting Europe and Asia, the West and the East, and is anticipated to be among the most important airports globally!


The new Istanbul Airport has the biggest terminal building, under one roof, in the world! An immense terminal area split over 5 piers, hosts both domestic and international flights. However, although the Istanbul terminal is striking, it is not as functional as one would expect. In the coming years, three more terminal buildings will be added to the Istanbul airport complex, optimizing the airport’s operation.


Istanbul has a wealth of accommodation choices; from traditional boutique guest houses to modern, luxurious hotels and from hostels and motels to cozy B&Bs, you will find whatever suits your pocket and your desires. Moreover, there are plenty of lodging options scattered around Istanbul but also near the airport area. Finally, if you are willing to stay in the airport, YOTEL Istanbul Airport Hotel will offer you an unquestionably pleasant stay. 

Facilities and Services

Istanbul new airport has everything one would expect from an airport of its size and importance: top-grade services, latest technology security controls, high-tech facilities that enable boarding and checking-in processes, and environmentally-friendly functioning. Therefore, there is absolutely no chance not to enjoy your downtime at Istanbul International Airport. Take a look at Istanbul airport’s facilities and services and make the most of your time there!


Have you any concerns about parking your car at Istanbul Airport? There is absolutely no reason! Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) has the largest multi-floor parking worldwide and provides first-class, superior parking services as well as subsidiary facilities such as car wash, tire change etc. Istanbul airport’s parking can accommodate up to 40.000 vehicles! So, are you still worried?

Layover at the Airport

Do you have a long-downtime at Istanbul Airport? Take full advantage of your waiting time and get to know the beautiful and exotic Istanbul. How much time do you actually have? What are you in a mood for? Istanbul offers you so many choices that it will be hard to decide. So, if you don’t want to explore only the new airport but also the city, you can check out our ideas for your layover at Istanbul Airport