Istanbul Airport Shuttle Bus

Connections with all major hubs of Istanbul

Shuttles and Buses from and to Istanbul Airport

Currently, buses are the only public transportation option from the new Istanbul Airport. In the future, Metro Line M11 will also connect the new airport to the city center but, for the moment apart from private transfers, the shuttle buses provide the only alternative. Nevertheless, there is a surprisingly wide variety of available bus routes. Havaist and IETT buses carry out frequent itineraries to every corner of Istanbul while Istanbul Seyahat buses handle intercity transfers.

Most popular routes from Istanbul Airport

Your can find the 4 most popular shuttle bus routes connecting the new Istanbul Airport with the major city hubs in the following table:

LineFromToDurationFrequency & Operating hoursPrice
IST-19Istanbul Airport (IST)Taksim Square80 minEvery 15 minutes
(every 30 min in the early morning hours)
18₺ (2.8€ / 3.1$)
IST-20Istanbul Airport (IST)Sultanahmet100 minEvery 30 minutes
(every 45 min in the early morning hours)
18₺ (2.8€ / 3.1$)
IST-3Istanbul Airport (IST)Otogar Bus Station75 minEvery 30 minutes
(every 60 min in the early morning hours)
16₺ (2.5€ / 2.8$)
IST-8Istanbul Airport (IST)Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW)100 minEvery 60 minutes30₺ (4.7€ / 5.2$)

Havaist Shuttle Buses

Havaist Airport Buses provide high-quality and comfortable transfer services from Istanbul Airport to 50 major city hubs. Always on time, each Havaist shuttle can handle up to 46 passengers while all the vehicles are equipped with TV screens, Wi-Fi and USB charging points.

You should always keep in mind that cash can’t be used as a payment method for your bus ticket. Hence, you can use a credit card and pay via the Havaist App or by using a QR code. Book your ticket online, get your QR code and use it to any Havaist line simply by scanning it before entering the bus. Pre-booking your tickets also offers you further bonuses and discounts. Alternatively, you can use an Istanbulkart (also valid for metrobus, metro, tram, nostalgic tram, ferry, some Bosporus cruises etc Each card can be used by up to five persons and it can easily be recharged every time you need it.

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Havaist Bus Lines from Istanbul Airport

Havaist Bus Lines operate 24/7 at Istanbul International Airport. 12 different bus routes link the new airport to almost every part of the city. Explicitly, the available Havaist bus lines are:

Havaist Bus LinesDurationRoutes FrequencyStopsPrice
iST 1110 minutesEvery 20 minutes
(every 30’ in the early morning hours)
Istanbul Airport (IST)




Yenikapi Marmaray

Yenikapi IDO (Seabus) Port
18₺ (2.8€ / 3.1$)
iST 290 minutesEvery 20 minutes
(every 30’ in the early morning hours)
Istanbul Airport (IST)

Catalca Hospital


Cumhuriyet Mah.

21₺ (3.2€ / 3.6$)
iST 359 minutesEvery 30 minutes
(every 60’ in the early morning hours)
Istanbul Airport (IST)

Otogar Road

Otogar (Esenler Intercity Bus Terminal)
16₺ (2.5€ / 2.8$)
iST 480 minutesEvery 20 minutes
(every 30’ in the early morning hours)
Istanbul Airport (IST)



Atakoy 4. Kisim

Bakirköy IDO (Seabus) Port
18₺ (2.8€ / 3.1$)
iST 4G30 minutesEvery 30-60 minutes
(Line iST 4G runs from 6:15-24:00)
Istanbul Airport (IST)

18₺ (2.8€ / 3.1$)
iST 590 minutesEvery 30 minutesIstanbul Airport (IST)

4. Levent

Zincirlikuyu Metrobus 2

Besiktas Port
18₺ (2.8€ / 3.1$)
iST 7110 minutesEvery 30 minutes
(every 60 in the early morning hours)
Istanbul Airport (IST)

Kavacik Bridge


Goztepe Bridge

Uzuncayir Metrobus

Acibadem Bridge

25₺ (3.9€ /4.3$)
iST 8100 minutesEvery 60 minutesIstanbul Airport (IST)

Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW)

Tavşantepe Metro

Pendik YHT İstasyonu

Pendik İDO iskelesi
30₺ (4.7€ / 5.2$)
iST 15100 minutesEvery 30 minutes
(every 45’ in the early morning hours)
Istanbul Airport (IST)

Ispartakule Blocks


Istanbul University Avcilar Campus
16₺ (2.5€ / 2.8$)
iST 17100 minutesEvery 20-30 minutes
(every 40’ in the early morning hours)
Istanbul Airport (IST)

Basaksehir Metrokent

Demirciler Sitesi

Ataturk Mahallesi

Gunespark Homes

Halkali Park

Halkali Train Station
16₺ (2.5€ / 2.8$)
iST 1980 minutesEvery 15 minutes
(every 30’ in the early morning hours)
Istanbul Airport (IST)

Nurtepe Viaduct

Taksim Abdülhakhamit Street (Taksim Square)
18₺ (2.8€ / 3.1$)
iST 20100 minutesEvery 30 minutes
(every 45’ in the early morning hours)
Istanbul Airport (IST)

Nurtepe Viaduct



Sultanahmet Square
18₺ (2.8€ / 3.1$)

Note that the trip duration is subject to the heavy Istanbul traffic so the traveling time may be more during the rush hours.

IETT Shuttle Buses

IETT public buses travel to less touristic parts of the city. Therefore, they are a more popular option among locals while tourists tend to avoid them. In any case, if you search your exact location at the map, you may find a bus to transfer you nearby as 7 IETT lines handle the airport’s connection to Istanbul. What’s more, you should download “Mobiett” app on your phone, you will find it very helpful.

IETT bus tickets may cost less than Havaist, but the trip can take much more time as theses buses do many stops along the way. A trip from Istanbul Airport to city center costs 5.20₺ (0.8€ / 0.9$).

You must buy an Istanbulkart in order to pay for your IETT bus transfer. You will find automatic vending machines near the bus station. Buy your card, top it up and you are ready to go!

IETT Shuttle Bus Lines from Istanbul Airport

IETT Bus LinesDurationRoutes FrequencyStopsOperating Hours

Istanbul Airport- Mahmutbey Metro
60 minutesApproximately every 60 minutesIstanbul Airport (IST)

Ikitelli Bridge

Sanayi Mahallesi

15 Temmuz Mah

Piri Reis

Halkalı Caddesi

İnönü Caddesi

Karacaoğlan Primary School

Mahmutbey Metro

Istanbul Airport- Mecidiyeköy
60 minutesEvery 15-30 minutesIstanbul Airport (IST)

Kıyı Emniyeti

Orman Yolu

Kemer Yolu


Karayolları 1. Bölge Müd.

Nurtepe Viyadük

Çağlayan Yolu

Mecidiyeköy Metrobüs

Istanbul Airport- Halkalı
45-50 minutesEvery 1.5 hourIstanbul Airport (IST)

Demirciler Sites



İkitelli Garage

Atatürk Quarter

İkitelli Street

Halkalı Yolu

Güneşpark Houses

Koca Ali Sokak

Halkalı Park

Halkalı Police Station

European Houses 3

M. Akif Ersoy Hospita

Sakarya Sokak

İstasyon Mah. Muhr.

Bezirganbahçe TOKİ

Göl Konutları

Gültepe Mahallesi

Halkalı İstasyon


Istanbul Airport-Ataturk Airport
40-45 minutesEvery 2.5 hoursIstanbul Airport (IST)

Ataturk Airport

Istanbul Airport- Masjid al-Salam / Arnavutkoy
35-40 minutesEvery 30-60 minutesIstanbul Airport (IST)

Mesire Yeri


Terkos Yolu

Çamlık Mahallesi

Çangalçeşme Yolu

Taşoluk Belediyesi

Arnavutköy Yolu

Esen Bahçe



Habipler Mahallesi


Mescid-i Selam Camii

Mescid-i Selam
Istanbul Airport- Alibeyköy Cep Otogarı
35-40 minutesEvery 1.5-2 hoursIstanbul Airport (IST)

Göktürk Emn. Amr.

İstanbul Caddesi

Hisar Eğitim Okulları

Kartal Çeşme


Kemer Yolu


Nato Evleri


FSM Bulvarı

Alibeyköy Cep Otogarı

Istanbul Airport- Hacıosman Metro / Sarıyer
25-30 minutesEvery 1.5-2 hoursIstanbul Airport (IST)

Kilyos Mezarlığı

Aslan Fidanlığı


Uskumruköy Yolu


Hacıosman Bayırı


Hacıosman Metro

Istanbul Airport- Cevizlibağ
45-50 minutesEvery 2-2.5 hoursIstanbul Airport (IST)

Kültür Üniversitesi



Ataköy Geçit

Çocuk Sitesi


İncirli (E-5)



Nakliyeciler Sitesi


Note that the trip duration is subject to the heavy Istanbul traffic so the traveling time may be more during the rush hours.

Seyahat Intercity Buses from Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Seyahat provides intercity transfers, connecting Istanbul to Çorlu-Tekirdağ. The Seyahat buses operate 12 routes daily and reach Corlu in about 1.5 hour and Tekirdag in 2.5 hours. The ticket costs 50₺ (7.8€ / 8.7$).

Seyahat Customer Support: 0850 222 59 59

Where is the Bus Station at Istanbul International Airport

The Bus Station is located on the -2 floor of the Istanbul Airport Terminal. The station is easily accessible by elevators and escalators both from the departures and from the arrivals level. Plenty of helpful signage all over the airport will guide you to the designated bus area.



How can I get from Istanbul airport to Istanbul city center by bus?

For your transfer from Istanbul International Airport to the city center by bus, you can choose between the Havaist buses and the IETT public buses. Havaist buses travel to the most popular destinations in the city and have a more spacious luggage storage space while their in-between stops are minimal reducing the total travel time but on the other hand, IETT buses are cheaper.

How much does the bus ticket from Istanbul airport to Istanbul city center cost?

Havaist shuttle buses cost from 16₺-30₺ (2.5€-4.7€ / 2.8-5.2$) while a one-way ticket for IETT buses from Istanbul airport to the city center is priced at 5.2₺ (0.8€ / 0.9$).