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Turn the Downtime at the Airport into a Pleasant Experience

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Your In-Terminal Hotel at Istanbul New Airport

Do you have an overnight stopover at Istanbul International Airport? Or perhaps, do you want to refresh yourself during a long layover at the airport? Istanbul Airport is equipped with day beds and lounge chairs, but these options are surely not the most convenient ones. On the contrary, YOTEL Istanbul Airport Hotel, located both in the Departures area (YOTEL Landside) and Duty-Free zone (YOTELAIR) is a full-on luxury experience that will turn your annoying downtime at the airport into a pleasant and worth-reminding stay. 

Where is YOTEL Located at Istanbul Airport?

Two different YOTEL facilities are located inside the new Istanbul Airport. YOTELAIR is conveniently lying in the Duty-Free Zone, at the terminal airside. As a result, in order to reach the YOTEL airside Hotel, you must pass the security control and hand over your luggage. So, on the one hand, you will be right next to your departure point, but on the other, checking in to YOTELAIR requires a boarding pass for an onward international flight while only hand luggage is allowed, as checked baggage must have already been handed in. To sum up, if you have just landed at Istanbul Airport from an international flight, you should follow Gates A and B and skip Passport Control. You will find YOTEL airside Hotel next to the LCW store. However, if your previous flight was domestic or you are coming right away from the city, passing passport control is obligatory to get to the hotel.

Moreover, the second YOTEL Istanbul facility is YOTEL Istanbul Airport – Landside which is located in the departures area (before the passport control) and specifically, across the terminal ate 7. Thus, if your earlier flight was domestic, you should skip passport control and head directly to the hotel’s location. On the contrary, if your flight was an international one, checking in to YOTEL landside Hotel requires passing passport control and possibly having a valid visa (depending on your country of origin).

YOTEL Istanbul Airport Facilities and Amenities

YOTEL Istanbul Airport is one of the largest hotels worldwide. With 451 rooms in total, it is in fact the largest inside-terminal hotel in Europe. YOTEL Istanbul landside is accessible to all guests. With 277 rooms (or cabins as they are often referred to), YOTEL each and every room is fully equipped with luxurious bedding and top quality mattresses, distinctive Smart Beds, rain showers, toiletries, and smart TVs. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, YOTEL will cover your needs. Free Wi-Fi and meeting rooms will provide you with everything you need to manage your business liabilities. Furthermore, for your pleasure, the hotel’s gym is available around the clock while at KOMYUNITI Bar and Restaurant you will enjoy your drink or savor a delicious meal.  

Likewise, YOTELAIR facilities and services are also one-of-a-kinds. Available only to travelers with an ongoing international flight to or from Istanbul, the 174 cabins of YOTELAIR provide the most pleasant accommodation with the typical YOTEL Smart Beds, lavish bedding, rain showers, free Wi-Fi, and smart TVs. Komyuniti bar and restaurant offers gastronomic delights and refreshing drinks 24/7 as well as shower cabins to revitalize yourself. Meanwhile, “Mission Control” is at your service at any time of the day or night to answer all your requests, from extra towels to free coffee or tea. 

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Check-in at YOTEL Istanbul Airport

YOTEL Istanbul Airport further enables guests by simplifying the check-in and check-out processes. At YOTEL landside, you won’t find the typical reception desk, but instead, you will use the automatic check-in kiosks. No queues, no waiting time! Moreover, Mission Control is always available if you need any help. The same check-in procedure also takes place at YOTELAIR. You should also keep in mind that you have the possibility to book a room only for a few hours (though the minimum room reservation is 4 hours).

Note: If you book your room in advance, you should decide which YOTEL facility is most convenient for you and pay attention to make a reservation for the right YOTEL Hotel (landside or airside).