Istanbul Airport Parking Services

More than 40.000 Parking Spots Available at the New Istanbul Airport!


Parking Spots Available at Istanbul Airport

The impressive Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) provides top-rated parking services. Istanbul airport car parking facilities are state-of-art and conveniently located to accommodate perfectly the passengers’ needs. Divided into 5 blocks, the airport parking has a capacity of 18.000 parking spots while a total of 40.000 parking spaces are available, including the terrace floors of the 5 parking buildings and the outdoor parking lots. The five parking buildings are named after colors. Thus, the Green Car Park, the Blue Car Park, the Turquoise Car Park and the Red Car Park are 7-floor buildings while the Yellow Car Park has 3 floors.

Parking Availability

Istanbul airport provides both short-term services and long-term parking options (up to 30 days). Hence, you can subscribe for a 4, 6, 15 or 30-days stay and rest assured that your vehicle will be safe and secure. Moreover, citizens with disabilities can use the car park without charge for up to 15 days, but their physical presence in the car is required as well as handing the necessary documentation in person. Finally, you should be aware that for the moment, pre-booking a parking spot, unfortunately, isn’t possible.

Istanbul Airport Parking Fees

Istanbul airport fares differ depending on the parking spot. Therefore, there is a different price if you park your vehicle at the multi-store Car Park and another one if your parking spot is at the Parking Lot. You should also be aware that for the moment, pre-booking a parking spot, unfortunately, isn’t possible. 

Check out the list of Istanbul Airport Parking Prices:

Istanbul Airport Parking Lot Prices


Parking DurationTotal Fare
Up to 1 Hour16₺ (2.45€ / 2.73$)
1-3 Hours19₺ (2.91€ / 3.24$)
3-6 Hours29₺ (4.44€ / 4.95$)
6-12 Hours32₺ (4.90€ / 5.46$)
12-24 Hours44.5₺ (6.81€ / 7.59$)
4 Days (Prepay)182₺ (27.8€ / 31.0$)
7 Days (Prepay)298₺ (45.6€ / 50.8$)

Istanbul Airport Multi-Store Car Park Prices


Parking DurationTotal Fare
Up to 1 Hour21₺ (3.21€ / 3.58$)
1-3 Hours25₺ (3.82€ / 4.26$)
3-6 Hours39.5₺ (6.04€ / 6.74$)
6-12 Hours47₺ (7.19€ / 8.02$)
12-24 Hours63₺ (9.64€ / 10.7$)
4 Days252₺ (38.3€ / 42.6$)
7 Days441₺ (67€ /74.6$)
30 Days444₺ ((68.0€ / 75.8$)

Istanbul Airport Parking Payment Methods

You can use cash or credit cards to pay for parking services. You will find designated payment devices and parking counters on the P3 floor of the Red and Green Car Park. Furthermore, automatic devices are at your disposal at axis L08, inside the elevators, alongside the walking passage, on the P5 level, at the exits of P2 and out of the elevators on the P6 terrace. 

However, if you are interested in subscribing for a short or long-term parking service (4-7-15 days), you can only pay via credit card either at the information desks of the Green and Red Car Park or at one of the automatic devices scattered at the car park area. Note that the subscription process must take place within 1 hour upon your entrance at the airport parking while for the monthly subscription (30 days), you must address exclusively at the information desks.

Istanbul Airport Parking Services

Istanbul New Airport Parking is technologically advanced and offers excellent, high-end parking services. In fact:

  • At Istanbul airport, valet services are at your disposal with a 35₺ (5.3€ / 5.9$) extra fee. You may find useful to know that there are 3 valet points on the level of departures: one destined for serving domestic flights (P3 floor of the green car park) and one for the international ones (P3 floor of the red parking block) while the third one is addressed to CIP. Moreover, you will find two more pickup places between the Plaza Area and the Parking. 
  • Car wash (Floor R of the Car Park) and tire changing services are also available. 
  • Refuelling and premium repair/maintenance services (Floor R of the Parking) are also provided. 
  • Maximum security is guaranteed for your vehicle as well as 24/7 camera monitoring of the parking area. 
  • Handy Apps will optimize your parking experience: “My Car” App locates the exact spot of your car, “Vehicle Route” App reduces significantly the delivery time whereas the “Vehicle Orientation System” used accelerates and facilitates the parking process.