Istanbul Airport Metro

The New, Super-Fast Subway Line Connecting IST Airport

Istanbul Airport Metro Line M11

The long-awaited Metro Line M11 finally started its routes in January 2023. Giving Istanbul airport’s passengers the possibility to travel super-fast and comfortably to the city of Istanbul, the airport subway is expected to become the most popular transportation mode among IST passengers. For the time being, the driverless M11 covers a 34-km distance from Istanbul Airport to Kâğıthane, while a further expansion during the first semester of 2023 will link Istanbul Airport to Gayrettepe Station, giving the line a total length of 37.5km.

Metro Line M11 is the fastest subway line in Turkey, traveling at 120km/h. Estimated to be able to handle up to 800.000 passengers per day, it combines speed with low prices. On the other hand, comfort is among its advantages as well. Trains are brand-new, equipped with all the latest tech systems, and designed to offer a pleasant transfer experience.

The Istanbul airport metro line serves, for the moment, 7 subway stations. Hence, after leaving the airport (IST terminal and Cargo terminal stations), M11 calls at İhsaniye, Göktürk, Kemerburgaz, and Hasdal before ending its journey at Kâğıthane.

Our Tip: After arriving at Kâğıthane, you can hop on Metro Line M7, whereas once Gayrettepe Station is added to M11’s itinerary, Istanbul Airport will be linked to Metro Line M2 and the Metrobüs network (Zincirlikuyu Metrobüs Station) at Gayrettepe.

The Time Schedule of the Istanbul Airport Metro Line

Metro Line M11 leaves the airport every 8 minutes, heading to Kâğıthane (and to Gayrettepe from the middle of 2023) and providing frequent transfer services from Istanbul Airport to Istanbul. Although its timetable isn’t set yet, it is expected to operate similarly to the other Istanbul metro lines, that is from approximately 06:00 am to midnight. Hence, unfortunately, the Istanbul airport metro doesn’t run at night.

Line M11 is scheduled to make a few stops on its way to minimize its traveling time. Thus, the subway journey from Istanbul International Airport to Kâğıthane lasts 24 minutes, while the Istanbul airport metro line needs only 12 minutes to get to Göktürk in the Eyüp district.

The Istanbul Airport Metro Station

The new subway station of Istanbul International Airport lies opposite Exit 11, on the front side of the car park. Being within a 300-meter distance from the terminal’s entrance, it is easy to be located. Nevertheless, as the IST terminal is vast, reaching the metro station can be tedious and time-consuming. In the future, a second station is expected to be added to the airport’s complex. However, no further info is to be found about the exact timeline of this project.

Subway Fares & Prices from and to Istanbul Airport

To begin with, subway tickets can’t be bought via cash or bank cards. On the contrary, you’ll have to buy a rechargeable card -Istanbulkart- and top it with money (using only cash). Hence, Istanbul airport metro tickets can be purchased only via Istanbulkart. Costing 60₺ (2.94€/3.10$), Istanbulkarts can be purchased and loaded at the automatic machines lying at the airport subway station. The price for a one-way ticket is 9.90₺ (0.48€/0.50$), and as the line’s construction is progressing and its traversed distance is getting longer, the ticket cost will be up to 12₺ (0.59€/0.70$). Children under the age of 6 travel for free.

Our Tip: Istanbulkart isn’t a personal pass. One Istanbulkart can be used to buy tickets for multiple passengers. Therefore, if traveling with a company, you can buy only one card and use it for both your transfers.


Is there a metro line from Istanbul Airport?

From January 2023, the long-anticipated Istanbul airport Metro Line M11 began its operation. Running from the airport to Kâğıthane, it provides fast and comfortable transfer services and is expected to reach Gayrettepe Station by the middle of 2023. 

How do you pay for the metro in Istanbul?

Tickets for the Istanbul airport metro line are available via the rechargeable Istanbulkart. Thus, you’ll have to purchase an Istanbulkart from the airport station’s automatic machines and load it with money in order to pay for your subway tickets.